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Our championship show for 2015 includes awesome local talent. As seen in this action shot, William Pridmore, Sara Cooper, Rick Mourant, Jeffrey Michel, Quinn Griggs, Jon Lenthall  and Samantha Lush to name a few!


Also in the line up, Matt Wilson, Isabella Young, Justan Wagner, Anna Kidd, Andrew Harper, Martin Spurway-Smith and our incomparable musician from The Compartment, Craig Wood!



The teams are all brought together by the inimitable Andrew Casey from React who is our host and commentator. We also have some fantastic special guest judges, but to find out who they are you’ll just have to come and see one of our shows! Book now for our 2015 competition show on Sunday November 29!

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Melissa Cuthbertson has twenty five years’ experience in learning, coaching, teaching and hosting Theatresports. Her background is in Theatre performance and education.  Melissa played and hosted Theatresports at the old La Boite Theatre in Brisbane (Hale Street) and participated in workshops with Lyn Pierse around this time and later asHead Shot 2013 an educator. She has worked with the Queensland Theatre Company, Sydney Theatre Company and the Melbourne Theatre Company. Melissa has provided workshops in private and public schools in the format and enjoyed the classroom environment so much that she re-trained as a Drama teacher.

After six years at North Sydney Girls High School, an academically selective girls high school in Crows Nest, and a heavy involvement in the state run Theatresports competitions, it was time to come to Hobart! She has performed in a couple of local productions with PLoT and was thrilled to be nominated for an Errol  award last year. Over the past few years she has been planning the revival of Theatresports in Tasmania and is delighted to be involved in supporting our local arts industry in this way.

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