ImproTas celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of THEATRESPORTSTM in Australia with the return of some favourite seasoned players and some talented new faces. Andrew Casey hosted this special, revival event.

The victories were applauded!
Favourite teams were Cheered!

Laughter abounded at the epic fails!
(The Judges were appropriately chastised for being too harsh! It was a cracker of a night.)

It was a close call but sadly Paul Keating was the team eliminated. Which meant The look of Morman, Gimme a moment and Hugh Moore made it to the final round.

IMPROTAS is proud to announce that…


…was the ultimate championship team and the 2015 competition winning team!

They thought at lightning-quick speeds to tell stories that had never been written and it was awesome!

The audience participated in the action, with gusto, the judges decided on the scores and at the end of the evening even though The look of Morman were awarded the magic moment, Gimme a moment were just too good!!!!!

And then, there was cake.

Check out the photos here.

In the same style as Whose line is it anyway? and Thank God you’re here TheatresportsTM allows performers to create completely original, un-rehearsed scenes.

Interested in learning how to think on your feet? Come along and join us!