TheatresportsTM happiness


Yesterday, Wednesday 19th December, Gael(Strasbourg, France) and Laura (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) gave us great joy as they gave us their wisdom, opening our minds to new ways of invigorating our performances. Not only were these techniques fantastic for improvisers but so important for actors and performers to stay truthful and in the moment, vitally connected to each other and the audience.

A wonderful day!
Thank you so much Laura and Gael 🙂

What more do you need to make your week fun….?

TheatresportsTM combines the best parts of drama and theatre training in a competitive but non-threatening live-performance  sporting event.

There are challenges that the teams perform, all for the momentary glory of a story, well-told! There is training but no rehearsal needed, no serious criticism given and loads of ‘failing gloriously’.

Come and learn techniques that will help you develop an enduring sense of well-being and happiness, being able to express your creativity in a safe, non-judgemental environment filled with laughs and people just like you!