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Here’s why…

Theatresports™ can:
• Alleviate the universal fear of being stared at;
• Turn ‘dull’ people into ‘brilliant’ people (i.e. ‘negative’ people into ‘positive’ people);
• Improve interpersonal skills and encourage a life-long study of human interaction;
• Improve ‘functioning’ in all areas (as it says on the snake-oil bottles);
• Develop story-telling skills (these are more important than most people realize);
• Familiarize the student with the bones of theatre as well as the surface;
• Give the stage back to the performers;
• Allow the audience to give direct input, or even to improvise with the performers, rather than sit trying think up intelligent things to say on the way home.

Keith Johnstone – Impro For Storytellers pg. 24

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